SAINS SV-PLuS Solution Helps Nab Car Thieves
(SAINS News; 31 May, 2017)

SV-PLuS, SAINS’s intelligent licence plate recognition system for petrol stations once again proved its mettle by assisting Auckland Police nab two car thieves in a stolen car. SV-PLuS is able to capture and read the licence plate of any car that pulls up at a pump and automatically compare the plate number against a black list of vehicles. In this case the system detected a match between the number plate and the New Zealand police database and immediately alerted the attendants who alerted the police, resulting in the capture of the thieves and the retrieval of the vehicle.


Commendation Email from Auckland Police

Good evening Ali,

I am emailing to pass on my gratitude surrounding the fantastic service both Ankush and Gagan did this evening at your service station.

Police received a call from Caltex Manukau Road (situated next to Burger King) at 8:18pm this evening.  They reported a stolen vehicle had arrived in the forecourt.

Myself and other officers responded.  I was coming from Ellerslie Dog Base.

According to Ankush and Gagan the driver of the stolen vehicle was only in the store for about 30 seconds.  However due to the instant response by your staff (to the stolen plate recognition alert) and their assistance with the direction the vehicle had left toward, the car was located travelling only a short distance up the road.

It was followed by ground staff until Air support was overhead then stopped in Balmoral. 

This resulted in the arrests of two offenders and the recovery of a stolen vehicle.

I went into the service station after the incident to pass on our gratitude and spoke to Ankush and Gagan further about the plate recognition system.  They advised that a vehicles number plate is read at the pump within 10 seconds of the vehicle stopping and then an alert is sent to the stores computer if it is showing as stolen.

This is a fantastic system you have which is effectively used by your staff.

Can you pass our thanks again to Ankush and Gagan.

Kind regards,

Grant Burrows

Constable GBAN05

Auckland Police Dog Section


 About SV-PLuS

SV-PLuS is one of the solutions under the SmartVeillance intelligent surveillance suite of products. The smartVeillance range focuses on the use of state of the art advanced video analytics to detect and analyse items and events of interest captured on CCTV. This information is then pumped to the relevant people whether it be suspicious activity to a security guard, traffic congestion to an operator or reports on customer movement and behaviours to management.

SV-PLuS gears the SmartVeillance concept for petrol stations.  Throuh SV-PLuS, petrol stations are able to easily detect and monitor each car that comes into the station. Using license plate recognition and the SmartVeillance intelligence engine, stations are able to detect black list vehicles, record and catch drive-offs, detect and reward regular customers, provide useful reports for petrol station operators and more.

For more on SV-PLuS and the SmartVeillance range of products, please visit http://www.smartveillance.com


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