Case Recording & Transcription Services

We understand that for many business it is important to capture and store verbal information in text format. Therefore we take great pains to ensure that we provide fast, faithful, precise and confidential transcription services for a range of business needs including transcriptions for the courts, corporations, educational institutions, the media, writers and more. Our transcription services are able to convert both recorded and live speech into written and electronic text documents. Customers may choose to have our staff attend an event to transcribe the speech to text in real time, e.g. Court proceedings, speeches, or have the transcriptions created through a recording, e.g. doctors’ notes, telephone conversations.

We provide transcription service for the following:


We provide two types of transcription services in English or Malay

In-house SCRT Services
With our in-house services, the audio or video recording to be transcribed is collected from the customer and transcribed at our offices. Transcripts will be delivered quickly, reliably and securely.

On-site SCRT Services
Our on-site services mean that transcripts are created at the customer’s premises in real time. This has the advantage of allowing the transcripts to be delivered soon after review and editing using the live recorded video.

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