Maintenance & Support

SAINS provides maintenance and support services to customers before and after sales to ensure a continuous customer relationship. The objectives of offering this service are to fulfil the implementation, delivery and completion of contracts and service level agreements secured by SAINS, and to ensure the continuous operability of the systems.

Our Post-Project Customer Care (PPC) section in SAINS is entrusted with the mandate to deliver outstanding customer service to our clients at all times. The services include:

  • Service Level Management - Develop comprehensive service-level definitions and metrics which cover hardware, software, services & systems performance
  • Call Centre - Ensuring end-to-end service level measurement with customer is in place and updated in-line with the SLA
  • Technical Support - Operational service provider on hardware related products
  • OS/Network Support - Operational service provider on networking, operating platform & third party software
  • Application Support - Operational service provider on application systems developed in-house 

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