Asset Management System

The Asset Management System (AMS) is a multi-user, multi-office, web-based centralized database management system. The system aims to assist organizations better manage the allocation, distribution and productive use of their assets. An average medium-sized organization of over 100 employees can have thousands of asset items that need to be tracked and managed by its administration and finance sections.

The solution allows organizations to record and manage their assets such as computers, vehicles, office furniture, photo-copiers, cameras, mobile phones, projectors, laminators, vacuum cleaners, movable fans, etc.

Organizations can also opt to incorporate RFID technology, an add-on feature* in AMS to track and locate valuable or critical assets such as hospital test equipment and museum artifacts.

RFID allows an item to be tracked from zone to zone and its specific location to be pin-pointed. RFID can also be used to monitor custody of valuable and critical items.

* Note :  Additional cost for RFID feature

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