Electronic Local Authority

An integrated ERP solution specifically designed for the operations of Local Authorities.

Electronic Local Authority version 2.0 (eLA2) enhances the functional and businesses processes of Local Authorities and helps transform Local Authorities into more public service centric government entities.

The inclusion of GIS functionalities allow Local Authorities to:

  • Create their own maps and data layers
  • Easily locate their assets and facilities on their maps
  • Run analyses like road buffer, measurement of distance and town planning

Designed and built based on a people-centric principle, eLA2 is positioned as a platform to allow the services of Local Authorities to be reachable by the public, anytime and anywhere.

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Brochure-eLA 2015.pdf
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e-Local Authority Phase 3 - Building Control and Valuation System (JIT 2015 2).pdf
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eLA2 Project Reference (Yearbook2011-2012).pdf
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