Digital Media Display

SAINS is proud to introduce Infocast Kenyalang (iK), a Digital Media display solution, which provides the public and private sector with a brand new avenue to showcase information / advertise their goods and services to the public eye.

Digital content in video, photographic or slide format is composed centrally and uploaded to a server, which then pushes the content to Players at the various installed sites. Content can be in the form of announcements, documentaries, educational material, information sharing or event reporting.

iK Deployment

iK monitors have been installed at more than twenty (20) locations throughout Sarawak.  They are located at government service counters, and other public areas with high human traffic. Approximately two hundred (200) additional iK Monitors will be installed at other locations including public and privately owned buildings such as government complexes, shopping malls, hotels, resorts as well as other public spaces by the end of 2014.

iK Content

The iK information channel provides ample opportunity for both the public and private sector to reach their target audiences. For example, the Government can make use of this information channel to:

  • publish announcements as well as the progress of
  • public projects to keep the public informed
  • promote public programs and services to encourage
  • more public involvement and participation
  • remind  the public of certain deadlines

On the other hand, commercial entities will be able to increase their visibility and revenue by using iK to:

  • advertise their products or services
  • announce sales and promotional offers
  • display advertorials to improve public awareness and
  • acceptance of their products and services
  • showcase new products and technologies
  • show movie trailers

iK Opportunities

iK opens up a whole new world of opportunity for both the public and private sectors. iK will bring benefits to content providers as it provides a new avenue for them to present their products, solutions and services. The public will in turn benefit by gaining an understanding of the activities as well as the services and products provided by both the public and private sector.


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