Integrated Library Management Solution

SAINS' Library Management Solution, through the U-Library Project which utilises Angkasa at its core, is the winner of the FutureGov Awards Malaysia 2013 in the category of Technology Leadership. The same project won the MSC Malaysia Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Award in 2011 in the category of Best of e-Inclusion and e-Community. 

Managing multiple knowledge and resource centres such as libraries over a wide geographical area is a complex matter, especially when it involves centralised management and monitoring.

ANGKASA, is a 100% web-based library solution. Accompanying ANGKASA is the LibraryNet portal, a platform for knowledge sharing and learning among librarians and communities.

The key objective of ANGKASA is to create a one-stop repository of library collections among affiliated libraries, allowing sharing and circulation of library resources between libraries, thereby ensuring better utilisation of funding.

ANGKASA was designed to have low operative and administrative cost with ZERO server hardware maintenance overheads for libraries.

The integrated web-based technology which allows library collections to be accessed from the Internet opens greater learning opportunities, especially in remote areas constrained by distance and the limitations of physical collections. With ANGKASA, public access to library resources is optimised as it is unconfined by library opening hours and geographical distance.

In addition to the English language, ANGKASA handles collections in Bahasa Melayu, Chinese and Arabic.  First implemented in 2000, ANGKASA v3.0 has since connected 16 public and academic libraries throughout Sarawak. Another major user community is Jabatan Kehakiman Syariah Malaysia, whose main centre at Putrajaya is linked with their legal library collections in other States of Malaysia.

The U-Library Project, the project which won the FutureGov and APICTA Awards, is a pilot project by SAINS's business partner Tech Innovasi for the Malaysian Government which currently links eight libraries.


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