e-Community - Library Portal

LibraryNet is a virtual library community, built specifically to bring libraries from all over the State and region together. This is where libraries will share resources, publish information, exchange opinions, and interact with other librarians, library members and researchers.

Through LibraryNet, libraries will enjoy benefits such as:

  • free publication of their library's news and events over the Internet
  • access to the Union Catalogue, which is verified by a group of trained catalogers
  • knowledge sharing in cataloging and library management skills
  • learn about specific knowledge and experiences from libraries from other areas
  • bring the library closer to the members through discussion databases and question and answer features
  • keep members updated on happenings through news and events, statistics and lists of new books within the library
  • be informed of members' concerns

For more info, visit: www.librarynet.com.my

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