Fleet Management and Tracking Solution

As companies invest in more vehicles and expand their fleets to keep up with growing demand, they will find a need for a system to help them manage, protect and get the most out of their fleet investment.

SAINS' Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Solution - QuantumTrac is a powerful real-time fleet management and tracking solution, with comprehensive features and user-friendly web-based reports, that helps reduce operating costs, and enhance productivity and security.

An essential part of QuantumTrac is its Fleet Management System (FMS). For businesses that rely on transportation, FMS is an indispensable tool which helps to manage a company’s fleet of vehicles by minimizing the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency and productivity, and reducing overall transportation and operational costs.

One of the key features in QuantumTrac’s Fleet Management System is the monitoring of driver behaviour and performance. Effective monitoring of driver performance and behaviours such as vehicle idling and speeding will result in fuel reductions, thus reducing expenditure. The gains made with QuantumTrac guarantee an excellent return on investment (ROI) for a company of any size.

The system also offers various functions to monitor fleet service maintenance & repair records to ensure that vehicles comply with vehicle safety and road worthy standards. It reminds users to renew their road tax and insurance to prevent unwanted risks and service interruptions and helps ensure the safety and on time delivery of the passengers and goods. 

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