Network and Infrastructure Security

SAINS has a team of qualified professionals who are trained specifically to handle network security. Years of experience and on-the-job exposure has produced personnel with unmatched skills to assist organisations with their network issues. Security solutions are implemented not just by building a thorough network with multiple levels of defence, but also by spreading security awareness through education.

UltraNet Secure Suite is an end-to-end Enterprise Infrastructure Security Solution for “information safety” in a networked environment. The solution consists of:

UltraNet Secure-Infra – the system scans the laptops or PCs of users who request access to the network against the corporate IT security policies. The requesters will be put under quarantine if they breach any of the IT security policies and will be released only when the policies are fully complied with.

The policy server can also control and block individual users from introducing external devices into their PCs without obtaining approval from the management authority. All mobile communication channels can also be encrypted and all network usage is logged with proper audit trails.

UltraNet Secure-Identity – manages identity security services such as identification, authentication, authorization, accountability, password management and single sign-on.

UltraNet Secure-Apps – provides a second layer of authentication for business critical and transactional-based applications using either a Transactional Access Code (TAC) or Biometrics (fingerprint scanning).


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